General Dentist Lifestyle and Compensation Guide

What will YOUR successful dental career look like?

Find the perfect practice fit!

Where should we send your guide?

Work-life balance and compensation transparency are vital.

Ensure your health, job contentment, and optimal patient care.

Be Educated

Discover your options.

Which pathway is right for you?

  • Private Practice
  • Corporate Dentistry
  • Community Dental Partners!

Be Prepared

Learn what to expect.

A deep dive into specific questions you should ask.

  • How will you be paid?
  • What fees will be covered?
  • What benefits will you receive?
  • Independent contractor or employee?
  • How can you track your production in real time?

Be Confident

Arm yourself with knowledge.

Use our resources to be compensation-smart.

  • Compensation Roadmap
  • The Dentist Compensation Worksheet
  • The Dentist Compensation Worksheet Example
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