Two Minds of a Dentist Quiz

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Working with insurance providers has become increasingly difficult for my staff to handle.

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My favorite part about being a dentist is working with my patients.

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I believe it is important to research evolving trends in dental treatment to best serve my patients, yet I often lack the time to do so.

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Due to my patient focus, it is a challenge to handle the collections of outstanding patient debt.

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I work diligently to ensure my patient notes are detailed and templates are extensive.

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I often read white papers on standards of care and the latest statistics on prevention.

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I am fascinated by techniques that increase patient acceptance.

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I pride myself on being current with the latest CCE’s and am a member of multiple industry associations.

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I have specific preferences on the type of materials that should be used on a patient's teeth.

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I am intrigued by process improvements and continually increase my practice’s efficiencies.

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I am passionate about explaining treatment options to my patients so they understand expected outcomes.

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